My first exposure to 2600 was several years ago, when I visited Ada's Technical Books at its old location near Roy Street Coffee on Capitol Hill. They had several backcopies for sale, and I picked up an issue. This was before I started working in tech, and most of the software articles seemed entirely arcane to me, and the DIY hardware projects seemed cool but very aspirational.

The paper copy recently caught my eye from the bookshelf, and I decided to subscribe to their Kindle edition and the articles might read to me now, and how helpful they'd be for a software engineer who wants to keep up-to-date with tech trends. Turns out the Autumn 2018 issue was full of interesting articles, so I plan on continuing my 2600 subscription.

Standout articles from the Autumn 2018 issue:

  • A Carrier Pigeon Revisited - David Savage Lightman, description of onetime pad encryption with examples

  • GDPR - Active Empowerment vs. Passive Consumerism - ndf, description of the intended digital protections of GDPR

  • Citizen Engineer - Limor “Ladyada” Fried, Essay on assistive tech with a description of rolling your own Morse Code input hardware

  • Testing Your L33t H4x0r Skills Safely and Legally - Br@d, starting guide to educational web environments built for Capture the Flag and security war games

  • Gone Phishin’ - Columbo, example of a phishing attack with a *nix alias and how sysadmin can guard against it.