Heading to San Antonio for RubyConf 2015

Loren Wang and I were Opportunity Scholars at the 2015 RubyConf in San Antonio, Texas last week. It was four days of meeting incredible and inspiring programmers within the community!

Fellow scholar Shana Moore authored several blog posts about her day-by-day experiences at RubyConf and the scholarship application process, if you’re interested in becoming a scholar next year! Bella Woo also chronicled her experiences, which include meeting other scholars via Twitter to make lodging arrangements.

If you weren’t able to attend this year, all of the keynotes and conference sessions were recorded by Confreaks and released for free online. Also, if you’d like to see a collection of articles and books I learned about during RubyConf, check out the hashtag #RubyConfReadingList

Mahalo to everyone who helped get me out to RubyConf this year!

My sharply-dressed, knowledgeable, and kind guide was Walter Latimer, who was also filming kickass interviews with Ruby rock stars for Udacity.

Here’s the footage from my lightning talk. While it was a scary experience, I’m ultimately very glad that I spoke about Book Duets because it gave me a chance to connect with other devs who also think about tech in creative fields. Whenever I do something public-speaking-related, I try to think about the brainspace I get into while at Rain City Slam events in Seattle. They’re an amazing group of poets I look up to, and I try to channel them whenever I make a split-second decision to clamber onto a stage.