My Lit Reactor membership recently lapsed, and I was saddened not to have access to the great writing essays that I normally peruse, especially while I’m tearing my hair out, trying to figure out what to write. 

However, I got an email this morning about the spiffy new Lit Reactor podcast, which has two episodes under its belt right now. The first episode goes into some depth regarding Cloud Atlas, a book I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while now. They have a fairly good mix of personalities on the show, and I found myself laughing aloud on the way to work to host Cath Murphy’s droll humor. Rob and Josh, the two other hosts, contrast their positive reviews of Cloud Atlas to Cath’s dismissal. 

They also make fun of Johnny Depp’s new publishing imprint, which has the confusing name, “Infinitum Nihil.” It makes me think of the 30 Rock jokes surrounding the Rural Juror, and the equally hard to pronounce sequel, Urban Fervor. 

I’m definitely looking forward to more from Lit Reactor’s podcasts. 

You can check em out here: