I got an interesting email on September 27th about LitReactor, a stand-alone website dedicated to all of Chuck Palahniuk’s writing advice, homework, and the feedback community that spawned on the old Cult website. It sounds like they’re trying to separate the Pahalniuk fansite from the writers’ area.

LitReactor is scheduled to launch tomorrow, and a lot of the interaction will be tied to a subscription. Luckily, I paid for Premium Cult access a few months ago, so my account is going to be transferred to LitReactor.

I’m really looking forward to this move, since The Cult workshop site felt really clunky. I was a lurker around The Cult for quite some time before I paid and joined, and I was really upset that all of Chuck’s essays were displayed in Flash Player, making it impossible for you to print, copy, paste, and refer to offline. It’s also difficult to view on devices that don’t show Flash content.

Also the amount of social networking is tied down to a more dated forum style, which I never managed to delve into. With the new LitReactor profiles, you can track achievements, favorites, posts, etc. To see some photos of this, check out the Huffington Post early look.

Stay tuned for more LitReactor posts– I can’t wait to see what it’s like.