Bitter Desert

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A mad libs TwitterBot fed by Stephen Crane's "In the Desert" poem, syllable analysis, and WordNet from the NLTK Python package.

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Ada Dev Academy capstone project, mashups of musicians' lyrics and authors' quotes

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL, RSpec, VCR, mock redis, Mandrill, Heroku (API deployment), AWS Elastic Beanstalk (web app deployment)

Coin for Tech Conf

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Twitter bot dedicated to helping people find tech conference scholarships

Tech used: Ruby, Twitter gem

Citrus Pure Wallpaper

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Collaboration with poet Melody Moberg. A script-generated short fiction entry for the Algorithmia Shorties Contest

Tech used: Python, Algorithmia API

Cream & Ice


Screenshot of the index page of a Rails app

Pair project completed with Alice Rhomieux at Ada Developers Academy. Ice cream recipe collection app that relies on advanced ActiveRecord relationships.

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, CarrierWave gem, factory_girl gem, RSpec

FN Playlist

FN Playlist: Knock over that swear jar. Find explicit tracks by your favorite artist
Goofy experiment with the iTunes API. Allows you to search for just the explicit tracks by a given artist.

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, iTunes API